Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October Market

I am beginning to recover from the Ruffles & Rust October Market that happened this past weekend.  No matter how much time I have leading up to a market—the last three weeks is when the big PUSH happens, and that last week is frantic in trying to get as many projects completed as possible!  For some reason this one stressed me out more than the August Barn Sale—probably because I was expecting it to be BIGGER—although it didn’t turn out to be.

I had most of the day Thursday and Friday to set up for the show.  When I left Thursday afternoon, this is what things were looking like….

Red Hen Home October Market 1

…by Friday afternoon, I had my friend Stacy there with me to help with set-up, so of course we moved everything around!

Red Hen Home October Market 4

I also tend to bring more stuff than I really have room for.  The producers of this show are SUPER nice, though, and are perfectly willing to let me spread out a little!  So I also commandeered some space next to the wall just across the aisle.

Red Hen Home October Market 2

That secretary on the left looks way more blue than it was in person.  I painted it Valspar Vintage Teal, and then glazed it with undiluted ebony stain.  It was the most gorgeous color!  It sold almost immediately.

The creamy storage bench sold, as did the red lazy susan and the trunk.  I brought home the bar stools and the rocking horse—but that one wasn’t really surprising as I had a pretty hefty price tag on it, as I explained here (Stacy teased me about that a lot). 

Although I brought card catalog home with me (and let me tell you, Stacy wasn’t thrilled about toting it…again!) I got a call on the drive home from someone who wanted it, so we just unloaded it to the sidewalk and it was gone 45 minutes later!

Red Hen Home October Market 3

One of my farm tables is in the middle, along with three chairs and a bench.  It didn’t sell, but I had several people take cards who may be interested in custom tables later.

I was actually pretty disappointed in how little furniture I sold.   And to be honest—in the end I did not make as much money as I did at the August show, although this one was supposed to be “bigger.”  In talking to several other vendors, though, it wasn’t just me—and they had some of the same feedback from the vendors they had talked to.  Now don’t get me wrong—I still made money, but I wasn’t thrilled about how much I had to haul home!

The good thing, though, is that furniture is pretty easy to sell on Craigslist—it’s the small stuff that’s harder to sell through the classified ads.  So I expect to slowly empty out my leftovers over the next couple of weeks.

There are too many items that I didn’t get pictures of.  We had rainy weather for days leading up to the show, so photographs just didn’t happen.  It’s a shame, too, as there were some pretty pieces!  If the sun comes out today, I’ll have to snap a few pictures of some of those “leftovers” of mine!


Cassie Bustamante said...

it looks awesome! i am loving that ombre stained dresser!

Unknown said...

I would haul the card catalog to a 100 more shows, but only for you!

Full Circle Creations said...

Your booth looks great. I know how stressful and how hard it is to get ready for a show. How tiring it is to set it all up and how disappointing it can be to bring some much of it home. I'm going to go through that next weekend. I'm glad you made some money, your stuff looks really wonderful.

Full Circle Creations said...
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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

It all looks really wonderful Korrie! Don't be discouraged. Not only as you selling things, but you are meeting new customers and building a client base! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Twice Nice said...

Your stuff looks fantastic! I know some venues just don't pan out like we think they will. Love that teal desk, such a pretty color!

My Repurposed Life said...

I look forward to the leftover pics... and wish you lots of luck on CL. I never have much luck there. :(

the show space looks great! Ya never know what people will jump on. I'm hoping I have great weather for my ONE show. (it's outdoors) keeping my fingers crossed. After all the rain we had over the weekend, I couldn't help but think... what if this was glendale day? Needless to say, I am 99% sure that I wouldn't have gone.

Pollyanna said...

So fun to see what you are up to these days, not surprised you have found new shows to do there. As always your booth looks great ... keep on keeping on!

Spittin-Toad said...

Your space looks awesome...I pinned it to my Lovely Displays board. I have my second show coming up next week and am a bit nervous about sales...with less than 4 weeks between shows and my daughters crazy sports schedule..I don't have everything done yet but I guess you never know anyway. :)
Thanks so much for sharing and being so honest!!

DtotheRenny said...

I was at the sale and loved the dining you had available there. Did you sell it or is it still available? Please feel free to email me, DRensvold@hotmail.com