Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas & Our Dining Room!

It is just after noon on a lovely Christmas day!  The family just finished watching our new copy of Guardians of the Galaxy…which I will frankly admit didn’t impress me that much when I saw it in the theater…so I decided to take a few pictures and blog! 
That *is* rest and relaxation for me!  I have been too bush (or distracted) to do much of it lately.  The holiday house tours have come and gone, but I thought I’d share a few pictures of my (mostly) COMPLETED dining room before the Christmas decorations come down.
2014-12-25 13.02.58
Yes, you read that right…mostly completed!  That means I finally built a dining table that I intend to keep!  Maybe I’ll do a full “reveal” at another time, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…
2014-12-25 13.04.42
2014-12-25 13.05.46
2014-12-25 13.05.28
I bought this set of eight chairs almost a year ago from Ruffles & Rust in Snohomish, WA.  They showed pictures of them on their Facebook page, and I think I was in at opening the next day.  I built the table to go with them, and I think I used something like seven different coats of five different stains to get the color right!
2014-12-25 13.03.27
Here’s my Christmas centerpiece…and old shutter, an IKEA sheepskin, some wooden beads, and a pretty candle arrangement I got from my mother several years ago.  I texted a picture of it to my sister and asked, “Is this too weird or just weird enough?”  She responded, “Just weird enough!  It suits you!”
Still not sure how to take that….
2014-12-25 13.05.05
In the background you can get a glimpse of my antique pie safe.  This is the wall where my suitcases used to be…
2014-12-25 13.06.58
…but I moved them to the largest wall (painted in chalkboard paint!) and added a couple new additions (the gray suitcase on the bottom left and the little train case on the bottom right).
2014-12-25 13.06.20
I have a small collection of reindeer that gets displayed on my suitcases every year.  I love how they look on the chalkboard wall.
2014-12-25 13.07.422014-12-25 13.07.50
This is another new addition…this beautiful old pine hutch.  I’ve wanted one for years, and I scooped this one up for $75 from Craigslist. 
2014-12-25 13.08.10
My girls helped me glitter some paper mache stars to hang on this old ladder.  I’ve had the ladder for over two years, and it just barely got to come in the house!
2014-12-25 13.08.22
I made the curtains out of my beloved ikat…I have ikat curtains in our vintage geek family room too!
2014-12-25 13.08.36
It has made me happy to have a pretty dining room for the holidays this year, and it will make me happier still when we fill this table (as well as our kitchen table) up with friends and family in a few hours!
From the Red Hen’s Home to yours…we hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas holiday!
2014 family 3

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Christmas Signs 2014

This batch of signs went to Seaworthy Home in Seabrook, WA.  

Red Hen Home Christmas Signs 4

Red Hen Home Christmas Signs 5

The owner, Lisa, likes to send me a challenge every once in a while!  This time she asked if I had ever made a lighted sign, which I hadn’t….but hey, why not?!

Red Hen Home lighted joy

This one was my very favorite!  I used a battery-operated string, so it can go anywhere.  I bought a couple more strings of lights, in the hopes that I may make another one someday!

Red Hen Home Christmas Signs 6

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Signs 2014

<Sigh.>  There have been a lot of weeks that have passed since my last blog post again.  I have such good intentions, but time just flies by!

Here are some of the things I have been working on lately.  I made a batch of Christmas signs for Ruffles & Rust in Snohomish, WA.

Red Hen Home Christmas Signs 1

The shop has started carrying some amazing gourmet food items for the holidays, so several of the signs were also very specific advertising!

Red Hen Home Christmas Signs 2

Red Hen Home Christmas Signs 3

This last one is my very most favorite.  I hand-painted it, based on a Christmas card, on a piece of luan, and then backed it with beadboard.  It almost didn’t get to leave the house!

Red Hen Home Noel