For Sale!

Visit my Etsy shop or e-mail with inquiries!

The following items are available for sale.  Please contact with inquiries!
Please note:  I am not able to ship large items of furniture.  All items are located in Northern Utah.

Custom beadboard signs are available, and cupboard door signs may be available
(depending on availability of cupboard doors!)
Please e-mail with inquiries.
Please include zip code if you would like a shipping quote.

Also find me on Etsy!

(The following are examples of signs I have made.)

" Guest Cottage" is a Pottery Barn Knock-Off!

This sign is 4' tall, perfect for the narrow spaces next to a doorway, or even for a pantry door!  It is available for $32 plus shipping.

This one has a particularly chippy finish that I love!

Yep, I can do longer quotes as well.  This one would run about $35.

Beadboard signs shown range from $17 - $27.

 48" x 27" beadboard flag.  $55 + $25 shipping.

Wood lathe sign.  20" x 24" (approx); $40 + shipping.

"Juicy Berries" or "Village Mercantile."  $17 each.
"Frosty Malts" in purple also available! 

More examples of a cupboard door sign.

Have a favorite poem or quote? I will take orders for custom canvases. 
A 24x30" canvas is $50, and shipping is $25 via UPS insured.
Let me know if you are interested in a different size or color.

Small "You are my Sunshine" canvas.  
Price estimate for an 11 x 14" size is about $22 (plus shipping)

Custom beadboard banners are available!  Paint, printing, and size of pennants can all be adjusted to your preference.  Cost for 7" H x 5" wide banner is $4.50/pennant.

Ballard Knock-Off Theater Room decor!  Customizable for your family.
Please e-mail with inquiries.

Clay Pennant Banners from Vintage Skye
These beautiful banners were left over from my last vintage market.  As much as I love them, I probably don't need quite so many!  They are available to you at a discount. (3" pennant size)

BELIEVE reverses to WELCOME.  $30; shipping included.
BELIEVE reverses to INSPIRE.  $30; shipping included.
DREAM reverses to SMILE.  $22; shipping included.
DREAM (no reverse).  $17; shipping included.