Thursday, January 31, 2019

Rustic X Coffee Table (Take 2)

Almost 6 years ago, I built Ana White's Rustic X Coffee Table for a client.  It was a great plan, and I think it's a very attractive piece (here's my first version).  So when my son-in-law indicated a desire to "help me build something" when he and my daughter were home for Christmas, that's the project that came to mind.

I had quite a pile of good, useable "leftovers" from the vanity project, so my goal was to ONLY use what I had on hand...

what do you think??

 I had to rip some 2x6's to make 2x2's, but the top was made strictly out of the cut-offs from the vanity.

Even the lower shelf was made from recycled wood (maybe I can call it "reclaimed lumber"??).  Years ago I built I buffet to the wrong dimensions, so I had to start that project over. So I had boards just waiting for me, with pocket holes already drilled in!

 The project wasn't without it's mis-steps, but those just make for learning experiences, right??  for this plan, you cut four legs and four support pieces.  When we were assembling the carcass, I mixed them up.  So the first time we stood the table frame upright, I realized it was too narrow and too tall!

 How embarrassing, in front of my son-in-law! 

He was a darn good sport, though, even posing for a "beauty shot" when we finally got it put together the right way.
We weren't able to do the staining and top-coating work before my kids had to go home, so that was left to me to finish.  It wasn't nearly as fun without a buddy to work with!

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dotti said...

You did a beautiful job as always. I love seeing your projects.