Saturday, October 9, 2010

Subtle Craftiness

My husband just came upstairs and asked me if I was done with my "subtle craftiness" for the evening...I said yes, but of course I still had to blog about it!

I really threw him for a loop yesterday when I admitted a willingness--after almost 16 years--to do a little Halloween-type decorating! I have been so impressed by what I've seen around the Internet on my favorite blogs, of decorating that was classy rather than cutesy, and understated rather than in-your-FACE!!

He was so excited--there was nothing to do but go shopping!

So what does a woman do, who is trying to decorate in an understated, yet

classy manner? Why, break out the GLITTER, of course!!

I got this idea from someone else's blog--but for the life of me, I have no idea where I saw it. (If you know, leave a comment so I can give appropriate credit!)

I started with chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby.

Next came a little silver spray paint (you'll have to trust me; they're really silver).

Next came ModPodge and lots of glitter...

Finally, some hot glue and black ribbon, and voila!!

It really does look better in person :-) Glitter doesn't seem to translate well to photographs!

My chalkboard got a little makeover as well:

I found a little anonymous poem to write on it:

When witches go riding
And black cats are seen

The moon laughs and whispers

'Tis near Halloween!

I didn't have any black cats, but a raven made its appearance on the upper corner:

My pretty little cloche (that first appeared here) got a pumpkin tower and a glittery black spider (these have made an appearance all over my house with help from my junior decorators).

Oh, and the little black raven has two buddies that are perched elsewhere. They were about $2.50/each at TaiPan.

Then I finally had to give Wordle a try. It was so fun! I printed out my creation on some pretty linen cardstock and added it to a frame I had on hand. I already have one made up with just "Autumn"-type words when Halloween is over. One little hint if you decide to create you own Wordle masterpiece...if you can make a bigger word by entering it in multiple times.

So...Halloween decorating. It didn't turn out to be so painful after all! And my children and my husband are delighted!

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Rachel said...

I used to decorate like crazy for Halloween. Now I'm too tired. I don't mind the getting out and decorating. It's the putting away of all the stuff that I have a hard time with because Christmas is around the corner and I've even more 'stuff' to put up for that! Which means putting all that away too......

So lame.

Maybe what I should do is have each room be a holiday and just keep the junk up in that room all year 'round. But then I'd have to dust it.......

So lame. :D

The Autocrat: Haley said...

"magic" What a great Halloween word!! Love it!

Ashlee Marie said...

I love the Wordle decoration! SO much fun! The whole makeover is lovely! I'm simply not decorating this year! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

Unknown said...

I love Wordle! I can waste away a whole lot of time hitting randomize!