Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Numbered pots to lettered pots

Remember my little fall pots?

Not long after I snapped this picture, the "1" fell off, and who knows where it disappeared to (I'm guessing a certain 2-year-old might have had something to do with it)! I pulled the "2" and "3" off as well, rather than make new numbers right away.

Then last night, inspiration hit me... I would make lettered pots!

With the help of my Cricut and some leftover glitter from my "Magic" garland, I came up with this:

And look...they're reversible!

I haven't had so much fun with glitter since...well, ever!

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Rachel said...

Oh! I like them even better!

Glitter. Well, glitter is just. Awesome!!

Ashlee Marie said...

I love the BOO! very cute. Thanks for linking to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!