Friday, October 29, 2010


My friend's nine-year-old daughter got the chance to have a say in the re-decoration of her bedroom. The theme:


And, since she's a very good friend, I got my chance to help!

Her very talented husband was tasked with creating a daybed with a round back board. I got to help with upholstering the headboard, and covering it with dots. First he cut three different sizes of circles from some 1/4" board. He has lots of handy tools to do things like that (and yes, I'm jealous). The tool leaves two tiny holes in the middle of each circle, and we used those like buttonholes, stringing wire through each set.

Next we cut a circle of batting the size of the wood, and then a circle of fabric a couple of inches larger.

Using a handy-dandy staple gun, we then stapled the fabric to the back of the wood circle.

It helps to staple North/South/East/West first, and then fill in the rest.

Ta-da! A cute little padded dot.

Oooh, look! LOTS of cute padded dots!

We laid the dots out on the headboard to get an idea of placement. Then we drilled holes in the headboard for each dot. The headboard was then covered with thick batting and white duck cloth.

Next we had to string all those wires from the dots through the front of the headboard, finding the holes in order to get out the other side! That step was lots of fun.

Here's what it looks like with all the wires sticking out the back side. Notice the neat and even pleating of the headboard fabric all the way around. We're very proud of that :-).

We use pliers to pull the wires straight, then bent them to the side and stapled them in.
Bent the wires in another direction, and stapled them one more time.
They ain't movin', baby!

C. (that's the daughter) got to help by pounding in the staples and any loose wire ends.

Naturally we had to get an idea of what it looked like half-way through...

But then, here it is, all completed! C. looks pleased!

Obviously we chose to use lots of different fabrics, incorporating C.'s chosen colors of pink, purple, with a little green and turquoise thrown in. Plus it helped us use up our respective stashes (but not by much).

It was several weeks later when the bed was completed and assembled, it is!

See the cute polka-dot panels on the ends?

The ends of the bed are actually bookshelves (they face out), and the panels are the back side of the bookshelves, padded and polka-dotted like the headboard.

Yes, I know the bed's not made. If you have a nine-year-old in your house, you should understand!

I also helped with the painting. Two walls and the ceiling are purple. Reeaaallly purple. The other two walls are pink. Reaallly pink!

I covered the shades on the ceiling fan in some polka-dot material...

...and I painted two garage-sale lamps pink and covered the shades for those as well. Hmm... they're supposed to have multi-colored yo-yos on them too! I made them...I'll have to ask my friend what happened to them...

Fun room, don't you think? And I'm not really complaining about the color. You should see my daughter's's NEON green, also with polka dots!

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Rachel said...

That is the cutest little girls bedroom ever!

Poor Miss K. She shares with Levi. Her room was cute.....once....... before he kicked huge holes in the wall, destroyed the cute curtains and matching lamp.... and pulled down the shelves off of the wall.

He's a 'tad' destructive...... :)

Very cute ladies. Very cute!!!!

Unknown said...

that is SO cute! come on over and link up to MMM :)

Envymycooking said...

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Sassy Sites! said...

I am hosting a "Trash to Treasure" party over at Sassy Sites! You should come by and join in! :) xoxo!- Marni

Anonymous said...

The polka dot headboard is fun - very cute take on tufting!

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