Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It keeps me off the streets...

Starting a blog is much harder than I realized! It was easy to reserve a name and pick a template--I did that about three weeks ago! It's MUCH harder to come up with something to say. But for a while now, I've wanted to have a place to keep track of my various "projects." I guess the time is NOW.

I guess you could say that my current hobby is making over furniture. Naturally it started when I wanted to do something for my own home, but it was so much fun I couldn't stop! But now when I bring home a neglected desk, or chair, or cabinet, I make it over for someone else's home. It's been fun! And it has allowed to me to improve my tool supply! :-)

I rescued this little bench from a garage sale. I tightened the legs and gave it a coat of bright red paint, followed by a black glaze.

This pretty cabinet didn't have any of the doors attached when I bought it, and one door was missing the glass. It was a good solid oak piece, though, so home it came. I took the glass to a local shop to be replaced...and then the next day, I knocked over another door and broke another pane! Whoops! I painted it all with flat black paint, and then finished it with a coat of satin polycrylic. In order to keep it from being too dark, I wallpapered the back with a subtle stripe. A little light distressing, and she was done! My next door neighbor saw this one in my garage, and it went home with her!

I found two of these fun old-fashioned school chairs at Deseret Industries. The legs got a new coat of aluminum paint, and the seats were painted aqua blue and glazed. I stenciled the numbers on just for fun! "15" is my favorite number.

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Erin said...

I love it!
When I started my family blog it took me 5 months to write my very first post! It can be really intimidating, but everyone in blogger world makes it look so easy, UNFAIR! :)