Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First projects

Last fall we were able to do some remodeling/redecorating in our home. We replaced the grungy, fraying carpet in the living room/family room area, pulled up the vinyl flooring in the kitchen, and put down some nice laminate flooring. I really disliked the small, choppy feelings these rooms had, and somehow with the same flooring (and paint), it all seems more cohesive.
Of course, the floor was rather expensive! That meant I had to look for bargains for the furniture. Here are a few of the things I did for our home:

I had visions of a table/desk in the front room. I found this little table, painted it blue, but sanded it to reveal some of the pale green and cream paint that was originally on it, and I replaced the handles. I don't think it has ever been used as a desk, but I like the color in the room! I actually diluted the blue paint I used in my boys' bedroom for this piece.

The chest underneath belonged to my great-grandparents. I stripped off the scary canvas, then used two colors of stain to seal and protect the wood.

This was my biggest bargain...a $3 table I bought off of I used the same paint that is on the walls in my basement for this one. Someday I may glaze it...I wasn't brave enough then!

I needed a little round table between two chairs in my (now) living room. I found the orange knob and Hobby Lobby, and it's my favorite!

This...this is the project that started it all, and it almost killed me! I had a vision of a wall of book and display cabinets for my front room. I found these three pieces on and they looked perfect, and were advertised as solid wood for $150! I was thrilled! I called the seller and told him I would drive out there that night. As I am looking up his address, he calls back and says he had another person who was interested in them, and they said they would pay $250. Ugh. I said "no thanks."

A week and a half later, the book cases re-appear on at $250. I hadn't found anything that seemed as I leaped (without looking). I called my brother-in-law and arranged for him to pick them up for me. (In hindsight I think the other interested party must have backed out when they saw the items in person!)

When my brother-in-law and the cabinets arrived at my house, I discovered I had been robbed! These were so NOT solid wood pieces! They were particle board covered in wood-grain contact paper. I was absolutely sick about it, and so was my sweet brother-in-law (who I wished had called me when he saw them)! However, I was $250 into them, so I forged ahead....

After sanding, priming, painting, distressing, new hardware, wallpaper on the back, etc., I don't hate them! I still am not crazy about them (and being my first furniture painting project, they are not my best work), but actually I get a lot of compliments on them...just so long as no one looks too close!


Me (aka Danielle) said...

That round table is very chic! You ever grow tired of can live at my house!

You are very talented. You want to come decorate my house too? I would let you!

Rachel said...

Korrie! You never cease to amaze me! That last photo of the cabinets is fabulous! I would never have known they were the horrid particle board cabinets you described. Love it!!