Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling blue...

I found this oval coffee table at Savers for a mere $5. She needed to come home with me! She had lots of dings and scratches, and I had to sand...and sand...and sand...to get rid of them! Then I used spray primer on the top, and my can had a faulty nozzle! Big drops and dribbles of primer went ALL OVER my table top. That's a big problem! Instead of a nice thing coat, I had a nice thing coat in some places, and big thick polka dots in others--and they showed. That meant I had to sand...and sand...and sand...AGAIN! I finally sprayed it all with Rustoleum's Aqua Blue spray paint, distressed it, and glazed it with walnut stain.

The fern stencil was an excuse to try out my new-to-me Cricut! I just cut it out of regular cardstock, sprayed the back with adhesive spray, and used spray paint for the stencil. Cardstock stencils work pretty good for spray paint; not so well if you're actually trying to paint with a paintbrush, I've discovered!

Anyway, I think she is pretty cute!

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Kitschalicious said...

Love the table redo! Isn't Cricut great? I LOVE mine! It's a great tool for all kinds of projects. Freezer paper works well for stencils in case you want to try again on another project. Your table still came out great!