Saturday, March 8, 2014

Vintage Geek Family Room

I would say my family room project is about 85% complete!  Hallelujah.  The other 15% will probably take another year or more to finish off, so I decided I might as well show off what I have to date.

What I call our “family room” is the “bonus” room of the house—right over the garage.  We’re a one-TV family (we’re not counting all the other personal electronic devices we have floating around here), and this is where it resides.

Red Hen Home family room 004

You’ve already seen the Vintage Geek Gallery Wall (which included the Green Dragon Inn Sign) and the Triple Printer’s Console Cabinet. 

The leather sectional was the big splurge for this room.  It replaced an 11-year-old La-Z-Boy sofa bed and loveseat.  I kind of felt bad getting rid of them, as they’ve actually held up remarkably well over the years, but I was so over the red plaid fabric I picked out and promptly regretted (“before” pictures at the end of the post).

Red Hen Home family room 011

The sectional is the Helena Sectional from Costco.  I had ordered a leather swatch last fall, but didn’t decide to order until January 1 (starting the new year off with a bang!) when it was on saleI was SUPER nervous about ordered it sight-unseen, but decided to risk it since I know Costco is so amazing about accepting returns, even months later.

Originally the shipper estimated that it would take six weeks to get the sectional here, and I was OK with that.  Imagine my surprise when, after only two weeks, I was told to expect it one week later!  I panicked and quickly got rid of the sofa/loveseat we had in the room.  Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited!  After waiting a full week, I contacted the shipper to say “what’s up??”  They didn’t bother to answer me, just changed the date back to reflect a six-week delivery time.  And that’s how long it took. We lived without furniture for three weeks!!  I’m still miffed about that.

Red Hen Home family room 012

As for the sectional, I’m quite happy with it.  The leather feels great.  The back cushions are perfectly cushy.  The seat cushions are firmer, but still very comfortable.  I don’t have any regrets!

Red Hen Home family room 017

I also showed off my IKEA hack to store my husband’s Lord of the Rings Lego collection.  Moving those Legos OUT of my bedroom was the jumping-off point for this whole room!  But my dear husband is not loyal to just Lord of the Rings…

Red Hen Home family room 007

…he’s just as crazy (if not more so) about Star Wars!  So in the opposite corner of the room, I built three floating shelves to hold the Star Wars Legos.

Red Hen Home family room 006

In keeping with the “vintage geek” theme of the room, I purchased three vintage-style Star Wars “travel posters” from this Etsy seller to go on this side of the room as well (over the piano).  If you’ll remember, I purchased LOTR posters from a different seller for the Vintage Geek Gallery Wall

Red Hen Home family room 008

Here are a few other elements in the room that I love.

I made the curtains myself from this fabric.  I consider it another splurge at $20/yard, but I love them SO MUCH!  They were perfect for the vibe I was going for.  Only drawback is that you can’t see that I added trim to the windows in the room!

Red Hen Home family room 013

I got rid of my dear husband’s big ugly recliner, but knew I needed to replace it with something.  I wanted a recliner that didn’t LOOK like a recliner, kwim??

Red Hen Home family room 015

I found this blue leather Barcalounger at Goodwill for…wait for it…FIFTEEN DOLLARS!  I was pretty stoked.  It may not be THE PERFECT chair, but for $15, it’s darn close. 

The little typewriter table sitting next to it has a story all it’s own (which I will have to share another time).  I refinished it to go with the industrial “vibe” of the room.

Red Hen Home family room 016

I bought these two barrister-style bookcases from an estate sale.  They are reproductions, not antiques, but they were a heck of a lot cheaper than antiques!  I love that they are seven feet tall!  Oh, and see the light saber on the top??  One of these days I’m supposed to mount it to the wall above the Star Wars travel posters.

So, wanna see what this room used to look like??

photo 5(1)

Here we are at Christmas time.  Plaid sofa and loveseat, big ugly recliner, IKEA rug, goofy kids…

Yes, I know the furniture is in weird configurations.  I moved it around A LOT while I was trying to decide what to do with the room.

photo 1

Mismatched bookcases, IKEA console.  Nothing on the walls! (Plus the walls and the ceiling were a darker tan, making the whole room feel darker.)

photo 3

I think I prefer it this way, how about you??

Red Hen Home family room 004


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Bliss said...

It looks great. I've sat on the sofa at Costco myself and thought it was good especially over furniture store prices. Let me know how it hold up, cuz if it can take what you've got to dish out then it should be able to take us too!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love your Costco sofa's, years and years of comfort. Love how you mixed collections with comfort.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You've done a great job in this room, Korrie! It looks like a perfect family space.

Unknown said...

Your room looks great Korrie! I really like how you stylishly incorporated your husband's collections and the drapes are gorgeous. That sectional looks so comfy (we could use one like it in our family room.) Thanks for sharing.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Not only is it a beautiful and very personal room Korrie, but it looks so comfy!

Cassie Bustamante said...

it looks so good! i love the fabric choice as well and i love the sectional!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Yay! It looks great.

My Repurposed Life said...

hard to believe it's the same room Korrie! I love it all, you did a great job.

the sofa (sectional) looks sooo great in there!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful transformation - LOVE your couch - and your drapes, what a perfect choice of fabric
OMG - I'd give anything to find a couple of them
( love your carpet too )
and the typewriter table
Should have just said I loved everything in here LOL

Anonymous said...

Incredible makeover, well done! I thought you were going to say the blue recliner was another splurge, I can't believe it's used and the deal you got! My readers would love this, hope you'll share at my History & Home link party, Tue-Fri, weekly. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

Unknown said...

Well where do I start. This might sound choppy so be prepared. I love the room....the drapes are fabulous...the rug is amazing. I am laughing and happy for you that the lego collection is now out of your bedroom! The bookshelves...reproduction or not are to die for! I love those glass fronts! I also am jealous of that leather chair steal!
leelee @ paperbagstyling

Reenie said...

Love it!!

the cape on the corner said...

i looove those bookshelves, and those curtains you made-that fabric! omg, i want it!

Anonymous said...

What a fun, family room! I love how the fun stuff isn't over the top, it's perfect!

Christen said...

Wow!! May I ask where you found the rug??

Unknown said...

Love it! I love love the rug. Where is that from?

Sildah said...

Very fun. I'm the LOTR geek in my family although I imagine that my husband would really enjoy having a gallery wall of his old hard drives. We're in baby-land right now but this is so inspiring for a few years down the road. I noticed that you had a large Middle earth map in one of your before pictures. Did that find a new home somewhere?

Seeking Lavender Lane said...

Beautiful room! I love the leather couch and that tv stand!

Seeking Lavender Lane

KimMalk said...

Hi Korrie, I was just doing some blog surfing and wanted to see up you've been up to. This room turned out so phenomenal! It looks magazine worthy for sure. I really like the Ikat fabric you found and pinned it for inspiration. All the best! Kim

Unknown said...

Are you still loving your sectional? I'm thinking of getting one for my family room. Goes it hold up against scratches? I have two ig dogs that get on the furniture -- they don't claw at the furniture, but I don't want regular wear and tear to show. Is it "deep" enough to lay down on and nap?