Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Workshop, part 4

           In case you missed the previous entries:

Welcome back!  If you’ve stuck with me through this whole workshop project, you are indeed a faithful friend!

When last I left you, the outside of my new workshop was basically finished, with the exception of the paint (waiting until cooler weather) and some more concrete (waiting until the end of the month).

shop 002 

So what’s left…

…oh, yeah…the INSIDE!

Yes, those 9-foot walls…

shop 002

…and that 13 1/2'-foot ceiling (whose idea was that, anyway?)

shop 004

So I got to learn a new skill!  Mudding, and taping, and mudding, and sanding, and mudding, and sanding, and mudding, and sanding…ad nauseum(I still maintain that that means…until you’re nauseous.)shop 008

Let’s just say I learned a lot in the process.  If you look closely at the north wall of the shop (where I started), you’ll see…

….oh, forget it.  Just don’t look!

Had to rent a scaffold to reach that ceiling.  Doesn’t it look like that shop vac is enjoying moving up in the world??

shop 009  

Love how it looks like I’m wearing a long white glove here.  Very elegant!

shop 012

We decided to texture the ceiling rather than try to make it look smooth.  I had NO IDEA how much mud that would take!

First you slop it on a palette… (I understand that some professionals can make things like roses and butterflies.  No, I didn’t even try!)

shop 045

…then you squash it on the ceiling.

shop 017 shop 018This is my partner-in-crime, Michael J.  He took a squeegee-thingy and knocked down the excess mud.  It’s a dirty job, butwell, you know the rest!   

shop 027

Again, I understand that professionals can actually make a repeating pattern with the mud.  Ours has a pattern, really!  We call it… “chaos.”

There came a point at which I decided I was DONE with the whole mudding/sanding routine. 

After all, I told myself, “IT’S A SHOP!”

And myself answered, “Well, then paint it and be done with it!”

So I did  ;-)

Thank goodness for long-handled-extension-roller-thingies; they made the job a lot easier. shop 050

…but I still ended up with paint in my hair.  And eyes (ouch!).  And everywhere else!

But oh, look how much nicer it is even with just primer!

shop 051

OK, OK, I’ll skip to the end!  There’s nothing too exciting about watching paint dry!

Here it is all painted.  Yep, the ceiling is BLUE!  I’ve seen pictures of blue porch ceilings and loved them.  Well, I don’t have a porch, so I had to make-do with the shop!

It’s a little quirky, but it makes me smile.

signs 040

And see, I trimmed the window, too!

More to come…but we’re getting close!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow, you really got far on the inside, Korrie! I can't wait to see more and how you are going to set it up.

Maria Elena said...

You are doing such an awesome job! It looks amazing! I know it has been a lot of work!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

It's gigantic! I could live in there! ... And you will love it all the more because you did so much of it yourself! Way to go girl!

ANNE said...

Um when you're done - COME HELP ME!!! lol Looks amazing already.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

what a JOB! you're working so hard. I have to wonder where you are with the project in real life? :) Are you blogging in in real time, or are you already finished?

it's fabulous Korrie!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Your shop is Looking good Korrie! What a job that must of been, mudding and sanding. But it will all be worth it in the end! Your shop looks HUGE in the inside. I Love the Blue ceiling.

Twice Nice said...

I think it is amazing how much of this project you have taken on yourself! You go girl, it looks fantastic!

Pollyanna said...

So exciting to watch, what an amazing space it will be, so roomy and so perfect for your craft, thanks so much for sharing this process!!

Proper Prim said...

Wow... I am shocked each time I see an update... how far you have come along. That is a ton of work.

How exciting for you to be so close to the end. I think I would be moving my bed in there so I could just admire it all.

Love the ceiling... great job and such a cool colour. Can't wait to see all your stuff in there and you working on projects... you are the envy of every DIY'er in blogland... especially this


Unknown said...

Doing the ceiling like that is a lot of work. I did a few of ours slapping mud on there and then rolling it out with a roller. It looks nice but was a literal pain in the neck :) Things are really looking great! You will really enjoy having that high ceiling!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

I'm impressed with your skills. Now you can probably get a sheetrock job, just like you have always dreamed about, ha, ha. Looks great, BTW.

Ali Richardson said...

AMAZING!!!! WOW! Sooo much work but sooo worth it! Looks great!

Good Time Charlie said...

Wow, I am amazed you are doing all this!!! You are so close now! I bet you can't wait to see it filled with furniture and project soon!

Bliss said...

You need to get a serving tray so the kids can deliver your meals out there! You are not going to want to leave.


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Blue! I love it! Taping and texturing and mudding is a tedious job. You have my sympathies. But you did a great job on it!

Gypsy Heart said...

Outstanding! You know, in the South the painted blue ceilings, esp on porches, are considered "haint blue" and the color is to ward off any evil spirits. :)

Great job on all of it ~


Irene said...

I know your pain. That's why my walls are textured. I hate sanding. It does make you appreciate a dry wall guy or girl. LOL it looks great.

Full Circle Creations said...

I love the blue ceiling! Great idea. The end is insight and you'll soon be working in instead of on it! Congrats!