Monday, August 6, 2012

The Workshop, part 3

A few patient friends have expressed interest in seeing the workshop progress…so at long last, here are some more pictures for you!  If you missed Part 1, click here.  For Part 2, click here.

The last picture I left you with was this one…the structure was basically complete, except there were no shingles on the roof.  And just so you know…I helped put the tar paper on the roof!  It gets HOT up there!

shop 086

One of the next things we tackled (“we” meaning my good friend Michael J. and myself) was to finish putting the exterior trim up.  As I mentioned before, we used Hardie cement/fiber siding to cover the building.  They sell 5 1/2” matching “battens,” but that was wider than I wanted to use (except on the corners), so we ripped each batten in half (you need a GOOD table saw and a carbide blade to do this).

Here’s the before…

shop 001

…and here’s the after!  It has a lot more character, don’t you think?

shop 001

shop 003

Around this same time, I hired professional roofers to come finish the shingling.  I decided it was not something for a rank amateur to tackle!

Can you guess why this is such a sad picture?  Well, that is as far as the crane would stretch!  They couldn’t put the pallet of shingles directly on the roof, so the poor guys had to huff them up the ladder under their own power.

shop 005

Trust me on this…packages of shingle are monstrously heavy!

But isn’t it looking pretty??

shop 006

One thing to note…we had originally purchased shingles from Lowe’s with the idea that my contractor friend would install them.  When he had to leave before that happened, I called a roofing company.  Their price for shingles was significantly better, which helped to pay for the metal sheeting on the soffit…

signs 026

…and the facia…

signs 027

…so I think it worked out well in the end!  It means a lot less exterior painting, now and forever!

Another exterior project that had to be done was to pour a concrete “landing” outside the man-door.  Apparently it is part of the building code.  Who knew

So we (this is Michael J. and I again) built a form out of some scrap wood…

signs 025

…filled it with some leftover gravel, and even a little rebar (it was on sale).

signs 029

Here’s the gratuitous shot of concrete drying.  And here’s another word of advice…DON’T trust the on-line concrete calculators that are supposed to tell you how many bags of reddi-mix you need!  Buy twice as much.  It will save you a frantic trip to Lowe’s in the middle of lunchtime traffic!

signs 030

Don’t laugh…but I had to autograph it!

shop 010

So the exterior of the shop is basically complete.  We still need to pour a concrete pad outside the garage door, and a sidewalk to connect it to the front of the house.  That is hopefully going to happen later this month! 

And I haven’t tackled the exterior caulking and painting yet.  Anybody want to come help me with that?

Except…I did have to paint the door. 

                            shop 002

Naturally, it had to be red!  

Yes…there’s still more to come!  Next time…the interior!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's looking great, Korrie! Hopefully, by the time you are ready to decorate/set-up the inside it will be a little cooler out.

Homeroad said...

You are sooo lucky to have that new space! It looks great so far, I can't wait to see the inside!
Best of luck with it Korrie!

Cassie Bustamante said...

oooh awesome! love the red door!
btw, did you know your blogger id is now a no-reply. when you comment on my blog i can't reply to you anymore. :(

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I have been wondering about your progress, and thought maybe I missed an update. ;)

wow! I have shop envy majorly! It's going to be so awesome!
glad it's all working out (shingles/roofer stuff)
You will be so creative in that new space.


Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Totally awesome Korrie! ... And I was also going to ask about you now being a noreply commentor, but I see Cassie beat me to it! I start to type a reply, then realize it's going nowhere. That makes me sad!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Wow! Your new shop is looking Awesome, Korrie! You are so Lucky! I Love the autographed concrete and the Red Door. I am jealous. I always wanted my own little shop! Can't wait to see what you do to the inside. Have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

Oh WOW! That's SOME friend you have! Major envy going on right here for the space! Looks great! Can't wait to see the inside!

Samantha Lower said...

Its beautiful!

Full Circle Creations said...

I love it! Thanks so much for part 3. The red door and sign look great. It's really coming together. I bet you can hardly wait. Good call on hiring out the roof. I have to put a new roof on my home and I'm so not looking forward to it. I would have signed the concrete too! :)


Karina Russell said...

This is going to be a wonderful creative space. I love the red sign and of course, the red door.

Cecilia said...

Looks great, really loving the red door! Can't wait to see the whole thing finished.

Unknown said...

So glad I finally found your blog again. I lost all of my blogs when my blog got all messed up and I had to start from scratch. Luckily Linda posted a link to the OFG team on your workshop and here I am. Your shop is going to be wonderful and I've enjoyed reading your building posts.

Irene said...

Looking soooo good. Nice red door. Totally jealous.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That's going to be such a great place to work! I'm a little jealous, actually. Your own workshop!

oops! said...

Oh, I like it! I know it is work getting it done, but you are going to love having such a great work place!

Proper Prim said...

How did I miss this one...

Major drooling going on here... that is so awesome. Love your sign and the red door. I am so excited for you... you must be jumping with joy. I can't believe how much is done already. You go girl.


Elizabeth said...

It definitely looks pretty, in a country-style way! I can’t wait for the work to be all done. I’m sure it will look amazing. And good move on hiring a roofer. A professional roofer would definitely help you with putting up your roof. Roofing jobs require accuracy and precision. They know exactly how to put all the pieces together. And they can guarantee that your roof is properly fit and installed.

-Elizabeth Hoffnung