Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Beautiful Place

If you’ve been following along with me for the last couple of months, you know that I have been searching for a beautiful place

fall 009

(You can read more about it here, here, and here.)

…but the search is over.

No, we did not sell our house.  We have taken it off the market.

I won’t lie to you--it is difficult for me to let go of the dream of a newer, bigger, better home.

NOT that I don’t love the home we are in.  I am grateful for it every day!  But I finally had to decide that there were other things more important that “newer, bigger, better.”

In four short years, my little chicklets will start leaving the nest…what do we really need more space for? 

And at the same time, we’ll have college and missions to worry about…do we really want to have more of a mortgage to pay? 

We love our neighbors, and the kids are doing well in school…do we really want to start over?

Well, I can bet you can guess the way we answered all those questions!

No, our home isn’t perfect.  And the garage certainly isn’t perfect! (We still can’t fit both cars in along with the freezer and extra refrigerator!

But it is our  home, and it is beautiful to us.

fall 020

(And I certainly won’t stop trying to make it more beautiful!)

You will never know how much your comments, advice, and encouragement have meant to me as we struggled to decide what was best for our family.

So much more I want to say, so much appreciation I wish I could convey, but I can’t type through the tears…

…so I will just say thank you.


Cassie Bustamante said...

everything happens for a reason and this house has so many memories! i think you will be creating many more memories as you move ahead.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Aw, Korrie, I'm sure it was a difficult decision, just as it is to put a home on the market in the first place. Sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons and go with the best decision for your family.

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Beautiful, heartfelt post! I can tell you, that when just ONE of those little chicklets leave the nest, the house seems suddenly,incredibly larger. Can't imagine how our home will feel when they both fly the coop! :) But at least your current home has many years of memories, and that is something they'll always appreciate and what will welcome them home over the years!

You have a gift for creating a beautiful home, no matter the size of the four walls! :)

Twice Nice said...

And really your pretty sign says it all doesn't it. Bless you all!

Pollyanna said...

You are so wise, good for you.... and after all, you do excell at making things beautiful, so enjoy!

wisp said...

Maybe you can remodel the garage? I know nothing about such things though. I can't believe how the time flies by! I miss you all.

Rhissanna said...

I've been in a similar position. We stayed and we never regretted it. Good luck with the garage!

cherry said...

I have just found your blog and can't wait to see everything because what I have seen so far is awesome..
Home is in our hearts no matter what.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Rachel said...

My hope and prayer is that you find peace in your decision. It makes it harder to swallow the disappointment.

Someday we'll have those bigger better homes. :D Maybe not in this lifetime... but certainly in the next!

Bliss said...

Your time will come for newer.... when the chickletts soar you might be surprised with where life takes you. And you already know how fast four years go......


Vintage Home said...

HI Korrie, Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment!
I just did a big back read on your blog & love what you have done with your counter tops! We have been here 18 years and i want to paint my beautiful maple cabinets white! So I will be watching you with great interest!
So happy you have peace with your non move decision!
We are going to down size some day but till then I appreciate my wonderful not quite what I love home!

Connie said...

What a wise decision you have made. I know the feeling of wanting a bigger home but the thought of a bigger mortgage stops me in my tracks.

Anonymous said...

In the long run you will appreciate this decision even more. And maybe you will even figure out how to enlarge that garage...or get smaller vehicles!

Jane H said...

I am so glad for you, that you are able to find the positive in this (externally created/forced) decision. I espcially appreciate your appreciation for what you have. I read so many blog, and I love to do so, but it saddens me sometimes when I read posts about how everyone is sad if they can;t purchase/remodel/buy all new/ have 3 sets of/ everything. There are so many posts of wanting a bigger house and, when I see the pics, these houses are so much more than most people will ever have. So, I applaud your thankfulness, and hope others will see the importance of gratitude can outweigh the need for a new (fill-in-the-blank).

bj said...

So glad the decision has been made. Now, your mind can rest. :))

Jennifer said...

I struggle with this ALL.THE.TIME. We own a small 2 bedroom condo that we bought right before the housing market crashed. With the drastic change in home prices my husband and I decided to look at upgrading our home while downgrading our mortgage. Unfortunately, we can't really afford to get out from under our mortgage right now without hurting our credit. So, as much as I'd like to find something bigger and better, I've had to find contentment in my current home. Believe me, I know that that is easier said than done. I have to remind myself often to be grateful for having a home we own at all and that it suits our needs for now. I also remind myself that a smaller home means less time and money spent cleaning and maintaining our home!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I think you made a really smart decision. Once kids start to leave, they leave as quick as they came. The nest empties out fast enough to blow your hair back. And as someone who currently has 3 kids in college~bigger is not always better! Especially when it comes to mortgages. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, now that you've made the decision to stay--you can begin planning the changes and alterations that will make you fall in love with your house All.Over.Again!

Have the fun of rethinking the use of your furniture! Every time I've moved, I've moved furniture into "other" rooms to be used in a new way! Treat yourself to a stager for one room to get you started! Write me--I'll help you remotely!

Btw--remember that even when you build a dream home, you usually wish you had done something differently afterward.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad you are happy with that.
Yes, those years will come so fast.

I have two freezers in my garage and food storage. We haven't parked in our little single car garage for years.

I bet you feel so much better now that you have made the decision.

SImple and Serene Living said...

Korrie, you sound very happy with your decision and that is wonderful. Now you can enjoy all the changes you have made and tackle the projects you haven't done yet. So glad you don't have to worry about this now my friend.

Charlotte Wilson said...

I know in some ways you might be disappointed. But you do have a home and a nice one at that. You will continue to make it beautiful and lovely for your family and friends to come to.


SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

I'm sure that was a difficult decision, but God will help you keep a heart of contentment. We were in a transition stage a couple of years ago, living in an apartment for a few months. Then hubby got a new job, we bought this house, he lost his job less than 2 months later. He quickly found a new job (thank you, Lord) & everything is good. But I have to say, as hard as it was living in an apartment with all our stuff in storage, I kind of miss the freedom of not having a mortgage payment. Sorry this is turning into a book here- all this to say, you'll be glad to not have the added stress of bigger payments.

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Hang in there. I prayed for a newer, bigger, better house a few years ago, but never felt good about moving. Looking back, I am glad we didn't move for a variety of reasons. Now that my youngest is graduating in two years, we are planning to move closer to my husband's job as soon as she graduates. This feels like what we are supposed to do, and I am glad we waited. God's timing is perfect and I am really looking forward to moving after being in this house for 22 years. Like you, my house is great, but I am ready for a new to me house.

I know that when we decided not to move a few years ago, I was disappointed, but it was okay.

Unknown said...

If it makes you feel any better. I HAD fact, I had HUGE! LOL ...and I cannot tell you how absolutely miserable I was!!!!! Bigger means, more work! When I lived in Atlanta, I had one of those ridiculously big homes. Ugg. I still get an upset stomach thinking about it. When I moved back home we downsized by half!!! this I can handle! :)

You never did say what you found out about a detached garage??

Ali Richardson said...

Congrats Korrie! It sounds like a great decision! Now it's time for more happy memories in your home :)

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful post! After 8 years we are finally building our " dream home ". I complained so much these past few years , but realized had we built years ago it would have been a totally different house and I could not have used all the ideas I have found on the Internet and magazines these past few years. So... Start working on your "dream house folder" God has something amazing waiting for you down the road!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I too believe everything happens for a reason.
It sounds like you have it all figured out now.
You've spent so much time and effort in making it YOUR home.
Now that y'all have made the decision, you must feel lighter!
ps LOVE that sign

pasqueflower said...

Wonderful quote --I Pinned it!
Sounds like you made the right decision.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I know how much thought and energy you have put into this decision Korrie. It didn't come easily, but it sounds like you worked through it and now you'll be able to let it go. I totally get it. I may not living in my dream house, but I'm living in the house where we make dreams come true. I know that wherever you are, you will make a beautiful life!

The Dandelion Girl said...

My parents wanted to sell their home when I left for college... and found that they couldn't do it for a lot of reasons... however, later on (a few years ago now) everything fell into place and they now live in a home (albeit larger than planned - they'd wanted to downsize, but went from 2000 sqfeet to 3200) that they love...

So love your home while you're in it... knowing that when things are right you'll find the right home for you.

Lori said...

I just followed you on the new Linky...Please follow back so we can stay connected. Thanks, Lori

Gypsy Heart said...

I don't have anyone at home anymore...just me. I totally understand your desire for new, bigger, better. Does that ever totally leave us? :-) I know that you are a beautiful person, inside and out, and your family is the same. You create beautiful things ~ such a talent! As the kids leave, you can do more things without a huge house to clean, pay for, decorate, etc. I think you're both very wise.

P.S. I would LOVE to have this sign!

Shari @ said...

Someday, something will happen that will tell you how/why you made the right decision for you. Things really do happen for a reason. I've believed that forever.

I've switched my follow from GFC to Linky Followers.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Simplicity is my middle name these days, and a move to bigger does not always fall under that. I hope you find a lot of new in the old, especially a lot of peace.
Love your blog and absolutely in love with that cute red hen. ;)
Followed on Linky and hope you follow too.
Much love!

Paula said...

Good for you! So many people buy larger homes and then when their children leave, they are rattling around in them! I am so glad we stayed in our tiny little house - now that our kids are grown, it seems like we have SO MUCH ROOM! But, of course, their stuff is still here (!). I applaud you for making a great decision for your family. If you saved money for your future dreams or for your kids, even better. God bless you and your family.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

The sign sums it up. I think you've made the right decision.

Full Circle Creations said...

With all the work you've been doing on your house, I'm glad that you will be able to enjoy it. I know it was a difficult decision, but I bet it turns out to be the right one for you and your family. So enjoy your home and your family. And not having more space, means you don't have more space to clean!

Love that sign too.


Alison Agnew said...

i have certainly had my own moments
of wondering if we should stay or go
somewhere new

but it is good to find contentment
in our circumstances
and enjoy fully
the things and places that make up home

new follower via GFC and LF

i hope you'll take a moment to
visit me at Stuff and Nonsense


Gillian Layne said...

Blessings to you; I love your blog, and have followed with interest your journey. I know we wouldn't be able to sell our home now, so I am also going to start to make where I am my dream home, and be grateful I have a home at all. Oh, and I have one starting college this fall, one next fall, and one in four years. Big adventure time!

In admiration and friendship,

Our Country Bungalow said...

It couldn't have been an easy decision, but perhaps it will work out well for you in the future.
And kids grow so FAST! One minute you're contemplating where to fit it all in and the next thing you're thinking about the extra bedroom you find you now have.
Hope you're at peace about it all.

Practical Parsimony said...

I have read about your garage problem and have wondered if you cannot bump out the back and make room for he appliances and cars. The bump out would not have to involve the roofline. Or, can you put the appliances in the basement?

Unknown said...

I love this sign that you made - love the quote!