Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seagulls to Sunshine....

....otherwise entitled, "You Are My Sunshine," Take 2!!

I love my recycled sheep-to-Sunshine canvas so much I decided to re-create it.

It actually wasn't a bad painting...just not what I wanted. I took the canvas out of the frame, and I have saved the frame for another use!

I followed the same process as before, using some latex paint, some spray paint, and some acrylic paint! Here's my second creation:

This canvas is 24" x 30", so not quite as large as the first one...but still pretty big! This one also has more of a gently distressed finish. I have gone back and forth over whether to keep the bigger canvas or the smaller one...and I think I will keep the huge one.

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Rachel said...

:D You know I want it.

Sassy Sites! said...

CUTE!! I featured your numbered stools today over at Sassy Sites! Stop by when you get a chance. Happy Wednesday!! xoxo!!

annies home said...

what a beautiful picture

Lee Anne said...

absolutely beautiful! Thanks for inspiration :-)