Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The last two chairs!

The sweet lady who bought the Pseudo-Farmhouse Table wanted a total of eight chairs. Since she only had three to begin with, I have been hunting for the past couple of weeks to find five more! I finished and delivered six of the chairs by last week. For chairs #7 and #8, she wanted armchairs. I was lucky enough to spot a pair at Deseret Industries one week--but I didn't have her approval yet! I e-mailed her and waited anxiously for her response, as you never know how quickly things will move at DI!

She said "go for it."

I went back to DI. One of the chairs was marked as sold!

I was so disappointed.

I went back the next day--the chairs were still there! But one was still marked as sold. At DI, you only have so long to pick up an item, so I wondered if someone had just ripped the tags off.

So I went back.

Both chairs are there, but this time BOTH are marked as sold! Augghh!

But I didn't give up hope yet. On Monday morning, I went back again, and there were both chairs, newly tagged! I giggled fiendishly to myself, and ran to the checkout line!

Here they are! Do you see what I saw in them?

The finish was peeling off the backs and arms, but the cushions were in remarkably good shape. I peeked underneath, and found that they were manufactured by Basset. Score!

These chairs got the same treatment as all the others--heirloom white paint, followed by a glazing with walnut stain. A trip to Hancock Fabrics had me falling in love with a lovely gold-and-ivory floral fabric (the gold color was requested to pull out gold tones in the adjacent family room).

So here is the lovely AFTER.

I think these will look lovely with everything else! And they are pretty enough to be tucked into the master bedroom as sitting chairs when they are not needed.

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Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love the fabric you chose for them!

Rachel said...

LOL! Okay, I'm sorry but the before photos. See? You have such a gift! I look at those chairs and they are UGLY! Inspiration as to what they can become doth not enter me brain....... This is why you need to come and re-do my house!!!!

Kim said...