Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look what I got for FREE!

I had to do a little garage sale-ing this morning, and look what I found!

It looks like someone got started on a reupholstery project they didn't want to finish!

This one looks pretty good from this angle, but the back isn't done. I honestly don't know which one (if either) is the original fabric.

In my head I think I'm seeing the frame stained darker--something more walnut-y. Then I want something more neutral for the cushions. I think. And I think I want to keep them.

This is what I currently have in my front room:

I recovered these last fall. But I'm just not feeling the love anymore.... I think they're too big for my tiny front room. And maybe (And you're talking to a person who loves red!)

They do have pretty backs, but no one ever sees that the way they sit in my house!

So...I listed them on I haven't told dear husband yet. I don't want to see the eye roll!


Erin said...

Post the link to your ksl ad on facebook! I love your old red chairs!!! But I better not look at what amazing thing you do with the new (old) ones!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Here is the listing:

Rachel said...

LOL! Only you!! I would have never thought to grab those chairs. But, since reading your blog.......I am starting to look and try to see the potential in furniture..... the, what could be!