Tuesday, April 23, 2013

@ Ruffles & Rust Inspiration House

I seem to be “in the middle” of SO many projects in my own home, that I can’t quite bring myself to blog about any of them!  So what do I do?  I run off to the Ruffles & Rust Inspiration House on Saturday to get ideas for MORE projects!

It’s such a fun idea…the gals behind Ruffles & Rust teamed up with a new home builder to fill a brand-new home with all sorts of treasures.  For five days, you could go drool over the house and it’s contents (not really; they discourage drooling), and EVERYTHING was for sale! Including the house!

Come visit with me…

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 1

This was the sight that greeted you when you first entered the house  <sigh>.  So many lovelies!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 2

This was probably my biggest temptation in the whole house.  I think it would look amazing in the office (yes, that’s one of the projects I’m still in the middle of), but I figured I couldn’t figure out where to put it AND my card catalog.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 3

An Underwood typewriter!  I have one of those; it makes me happy!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 4

Loved the grouping of gold-framed chalkboards…and the theater seats!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 5

The chippy metal table and child’s chair made my heart go pitty-pat…

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 6

Even the pantry was decked out!  How fun to get to decorate a house where you don’t have to find places for “real-life” things…like FOOD!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 7

I love the look of the pretty tray on the counter.  I could do that…except it would shortly be buried in mail, homework, and—dare I admit—crumbs!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 8

Love this little egg holder!  I wonder if I could make a reasonable facsimile??

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 9

Great chippy table, but my favorite thing on it were the cute egg cups!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 10

One room was decked out as a home office, and it may have been my favorite.  It was just very chic!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 11

I thought this organizer board was cute, and easy to recreate.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 12

I loved the bookcase; it has sides made out of what looks like hardware cloth.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 13

What a pretty master bedroom!  I have a weakness for sleigh beds, although my tall husband would never go for one!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 14

This sweet dresser is so feminine and pretty.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 15

Another bedroom was decked out in pink, white, and gray.  I would love to find a pair of wooden beds for my girls’ room someday!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 17

The boy’s room had this cute little alcove that was perfect for a desk of sorts.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 18

The whole room had a nautical feel.  Loved this bed!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 19

…As well as the Ladder to Nowhere!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 20

Even the bathrooms were full of treasures.  The bottles on this little shelf were such a pretty green color.  I have some aqua bottles, but no green!  I’m feeling left out!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 21

The next bedroom was for a dog lover!  There were several dog beds for sale.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 22

I am admittedly NOT a dog lover, but I loved this painting!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 23

Every night the house had to be re-stocked as items sold, and so they were pulling items from the store.  The “Market” sign is one of mine.  It was fun to see it there!  I spotted one of my canvases as well.

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 24

The garage was stuffed full of goodies for sale.  I have a weakness for cubbies…

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 25

…I especially loved this piece.  It may have been a mail sorter?  I have no idea what I’d do with it; I just love the look!

Red Hen Home Inspiration House 26

And I loved this short little armoire with the baskets on top.  Someday I must have an armoire, just so I can put baskets on top of it!

Hope maybe YOU found some inspiration in these pictures!  My project list is growing by leaps and bounds!


Thanks to the Ruffles & Rust team for all their hard work and imagination!


Art and Sand said...

What a fun concept. I saw several things I would have purchased and got a lot of ideas. And, I didn't have to spend any money to get there.

Thanks for the virtual tour.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tour! I like that concept too. How fun it would be to shop the whole home.

20 North Ora said...

What a fun day! The house and all of the goodies were fantastic. Thanks for taking us on the tour of this home all furnished and decked out.


Debra@CommonGround said...

what a fun idea...love those chalkboards!

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the tour.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh wow, one pretty room after another! When can I move in?

Cassie Bustamante said...

this is such a great idea! i love it! thank you for sharing!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What an awesome idea! The house was very charming and thank you for sharing it with all of us.


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Wow... I may need to take a trip south just to see all of this "wonderfulness"!


PS and I love that cubby too... I'm sure I'd find a use for it :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Great trip love the tour.
that "market" sign is wonderful.
I keep saying I'm going to make a sign...I should!
your's inspired me, as did this little tour.

Rachel said...

I want the whole house as it is!!!!

Shabby Shack Boutique said...

I wish I could have been there on Saturday to meet you in person! Coreana and I Decorated the Little girls room, and that was my chippy table next to the child's chair. And we Recognized your Market sign as soon as we saw Timi hang it. It was so much fun and such an Honor to be a part of the Inspiration House, If you get a Chance Check Coreana and I out at Shabby Shack Boutique on Facebook and we will be at The Island Chicks Show in Beautiful Anacortes on Saturday the 27th, Hope you can make it we would love to meet you!

SImple and Serene Living said...

WOW!!! It is a good thing I am at home looking at this, because I am definitely drooling.

TheMoonAndMe said...

Oooohhh...thanks for the tour! I would LOVE to stroll through that house. Don't know if I could curb the drooling, though. :)
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

I just had a few minutes to take a look at your blog. I have read any blogs in soooo long. Looks like you have been SUPER SUPER busy! I LOVE the pine tables you are making and it looks like you are starting to sell you stuff since I was last able to check in. Good for you!

I've wondered if you ever finished that room to the side of your front area and what ever happened with your potential for moving or not. If you have a blog post on that room....please send me the link so that I can see it.

Thanks! Lesley

Bliss said...

I see a couple things in there that I would of liked to carry home with me.


Unknown said...

Oh love the tour. So many pretty lovelies.

Miss Charming said...

Oh, so many treasures! (I spied a telescope that I'm sure I could find a place for.) Sounds like a fun day, Korrie.