Monday, February 11, 2013

Two-tone Dresser

I know, I know…it’s  not a house project.  But this is probably the last furniture project I finished in 2012, and it hasn’t been shown off!

Red Hen Home:  Two-tone dresser

As you know, deciding we were moving to Seattle last October threw a real loop in our lives.  I still had half a garage (my half) full of projects that I planned to finish for a fall boutique.  Cooler heads prevailed, and I backed out of the boutique in order to concentrate on moving, and I sold most of my projects in whatever state they were in.

This little dresser was an exception.  You see…it was on casters.  I am such a sucker for casters. 

Red Hen Home two-tone dresser It was a little (OK, a lot) beat up, and it was missing one of it’s original carved wood handles, but I love those wheels!

I wasn’t really sure what I had in mind for this piece, but after I sanded it down, I decided the beautiful inlaid wood pattern on the drawers was too  pretty to cover up with paint.

Red Hen Home: two tone dresser

My biggest problem then was that I was missing a handle, I couldn’t find anything that I remotely liked that could replace it and cover the original holes.  So…I didn’t.  I filled in the holes as best as I could and called it “good enough.”

Sitting here, right now, I’m thinking, “Why didn’t I make new pulls out of ribbon or something??”  They say hindsight’s 20/20, don’t you agree?

   Red Hen Home: two tone dresser

I didn’t have time for fancy staging for this one…just pulled it outside of my beautiful workshop (which finally got a concrete pad just a few weeks before we moved) and snapped some pictures on a cold November day.

Red Hen Home:  two-tone dresser

I sold this piece the day before the movers arrived!  Honestly, I wouldn’t have cared if it had had to come with me, though!

This project has been featured at My Repurposed Life.
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Rachel said...

I realize you've not been there long but.. how are you liking Washington??? How are things going??

Cassie Bustamante said...

ooooh i love it!!!! love the contrast!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

She's really pretty Korrie! Love the two tone look. And wheels just make everything better!

Jaime Costiglio said...

Korrie that wood grain pattern is beautiful, you were smart to leave it alone. I'm seeing more and more paint/wood mixed dresser makeovers these days - way to be on trend!

Gypsy Heart said...

Such a beauty! I'm not sure I could have let this one go, especially with the casters. You did a great job, as usual!

How did you make the handle for the missing one? Looks perfect ~

I'm trying to get back in blog land. Hope you're doing well & like Seattle.


Full Circle Creations said...

Love it!

My Repurposed Life said...

Korrie--the chest of drawers is beautiful! I love the two toned look. :)
way to go girl.

SImple and Serene Living said...

I can see why it sold so quickly. The inlaid wood is beautiful.

Danielle Andrew said...

Oh, I love it! Looks awesome!

srpprcrftr said...

You were so smart not to cover up beautiful pattern on drawers. Sometimes it's just better to make the wood look better and let it be. Like the white with it. And those casters, yeah I'm loving those also. I'm a sucker for anything with casters. Just feels more vintage to me.
How are you liking Seattle and your new home?

Linda@Coastal Charm said... have a real beauty queen here!


Jenna said...

Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the paint and the stain! You did an amazing job!

I’m having an Advertising Giveaway on my blog! Would love it if you entered. Just go here for all the details:

Jenna @

reFresh reStyle said...

I love this piece! It's beautiful :)

Joselyn said...

Nice job! Wow you really bought it back to life. I would of had a hard time selling it. Good luck in your new space.

Megan Gunyan said...

That looks lovely! I love how you kept the wood pattern visible, it's so beautiful!

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

It turned out gorgeous and I love the 2 different knobs you used to replace the missing handle - it gives it more character!

KimMalk said...

Hi Korrie! Congratulations on getting this featured. I really like how the detail stands out on the bottom not that it's painted and distressed. Best of luck in WA! ~Kim