Friday, November 16, 2012

Guest Posting at Simply Klassic Homes

Today you can find me at Simply Klassic Home, sharing a post for Kristin’s Attitude of Gratitude series.

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I hope you’ll pop over and say hello!  Today I am in Seattle to begin the grand house-hunt.  I arrived last night, and my main thought was, “There are too many people here…I want to go home!”

Hoping today is a better day!

I need to re-read my own post on gratitude  ;-)


Full Circle Creations said...

Yes there are A LOT of people there and it can be a bit overwhelming but once you start to find your way around there are wonderful places to discover. I enjoyed my time there and I'm sure you will too once you get moved and settled! Think of it as an exciting adventure!


SImple and Serene Living said...

I know it must seem overwhelming, but I bet when you find your perfect home and get your family there, you will quickly find your way around. I'm pulling for you to have lots of friends in no time.


srpprcrftr said...

Moving from a smaller town area to Seattle can be quite a culture shock (to say the least huh?). We moved from living in San Diego where everything is at your finger tips; then we moved to 20 acres out of Helena, MT on Canyon Ferry Lake. Wow what a shocker. When we moved out there Helena (32 miles away) had a KMart and a Gibsons, no Target or any of the awesome stores I was used to.
The mall did have a Maurice's. Not much else. Of course there people like you for you, not what you look like or what you have or the car you drive. On the way into Helena people waved hello, we kept wondering are they waving at us?
Since then we've loved outside of bigger towns but not like San Diego. We've found places out in the country.
Big difference is that we're alot older and were ready for that kind of change. When we moved to MT we were in our early 50's. I'd go back to MT if we could. Now we're 72 and 71.
It will take awhile to get used to but once you find your "perfect house" you'll quickly make friends and feel more at home. There's alot to offer in Seattle and surrounding communities. As other person before me said, look on it as an adventure.
After MT we moved to the country outside of Bowling Green, KY which was a really big culture shock after living in the West for most of my life. Oh boy. Lived there for 5 years and now we live outside Grand Junction, CO. Another adventure. I'd still move back to MT but the hubs isn't have any of it, says "we're" too old. Which we is that?
Good luck to you. Maybe contact that organization that welcomes people and had lots of info about the area or the Chamber of Commerce.
Ellen at

Shirley said...

Good luck finding the right house. I live in Snohomish, north of Seattle and East of Everett. I love this rural area at the foot of the mountains. We're close enough to the city to get city benefits, but enough in the country that we can mostly avoid traffic and crowds (except my husband who commutes to Bellevue for work). It took us three years from the time we decided to move from our old house before we found this house, and there were two others on the way to getting here. It's a long story, but I can relate to your "attitude of gratitude" post. Heavenly Father truly knows where we're all supposed to be and when. Keep the faith, and welcome to the northwest!!