Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Come to the Dark Side: Card Catalog

I’m tired of talking about moving.  I’m tired of thinking about moving.

So here’s a little project I finished in the pre-moving days.  It always makes me think of this T-shirt quote:

I bought a card catalog last summer (that’s 2011…not 2012).  It only took me a year to do something with it!  Far too often I get involved in projects that don’t ever stay in my home…but this was an exception!  I knew I wanted to keep this one.

Red Hen Home card catalog before
When I saw the classified ad, I couldn’t send my sister after it fast enough (I’m good that way).

I love it, but I wasn’t crazy about the bland medium-oak finish.
This spring I discovered a MIRACLE product:  General Finishes Gel Stain.  With it, you can darken an existing wood stain without completely removing the original finish—you just have to scuff it up a little.  (See this post for a more complete description of how to use it.)

I chose to use the stain in Antique Walnut for this project, and this is what I ended up with!
Red Hen Home card catalog 1

I used three coats of stain, wiped on with a sock, and let each coat dry for about 24 hours in between.

Red Hen Home card catalog 2

I love the new color, and the fact that there are some variations of light and dark shades.  Some might call that user error, but I prefer to think of it as character!

Red Hen Home card catalog 3

I love the pull-out trays on this piece!

Red Hen Home card catalog 4

The card catalog sits in our front-room-home-office, and I see it and smile every day now.  And I think to myself “Come to the dark side…”

But who hid the cookies??

Red Hen Home Office

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

ARGH! I'm insane with jealousy, this is on my buy at all costs list. I just found a little six drawer all metal modular piece that might have at one point been used in a similar way. It's industrial and I love it, but I'm still on the hunt!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

It's making me smile too Korrie! What an awesome piece and the finish is perfection!

Full Circle Creations said...

I love it! And I am SO jealous! You did a great job with the stain...I love the variations.


Becca @ The Sassy Penguin said...

Gorgeous. I wouldn't want to get rid of this piece either. What do you keep in it?

ps. I am totally jealous of your office.

Unknown said...

It's beautiful. And can you imagine it at a Christmas party with each drawer filled with a different type of cookie? YUM!

Gayle said...

Korrie - I finally found a card catalog last summer just down the street from me. It only has 10 drawers - and it was blonde - and a piece of beadboard had been place on top to serve as a finished surface. I ended up spraying it red and I'm using it in my quilt studio now. Yours is so beautiful - I totally understand why it makes you happy!

Bliss said...

Card catalog envy is becoming a serious condition of mine. I wonder if there is a cure?


Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about "user error" ! The piece looks absolutely perfect, you have done an amazing job. I am curious too as to wht you put in there?

Isla said...

You just rocked my WORLD with this post. Thank you so much for letting us know about the gel stain. I mean, I don't have to get new furniture!! Say...what?!!! Thanks. (Jealous of your card catalog!)

S said...

Oh, I am so happy I get your posts...I have a big card catalog and hate the color, it's blond like yours. I have to do this! It will be gorgeous...thank you soooo much:) It's my very favorite piece of furniture I've ever had...I use it for craft and writing/stamping/odds and ends items. Love, love, love this, I am excited to try this out! Sally

Cat said...

I'm not sure if I'm posting this twice, but I adore card catalogs. Mom took us to the library several times a month and being considerably older than most of you ladies, they were how we looked up books.
Ladies, how do you "find" them? I only see them finished and with a pretty price tag.
Anyhow, I love yours, and I'd keep it forever and ever!

Ali Richardson said...

I LOVE IT! So so pretty! super jealous!

Debbi@Tattered Butterfly Studio said...

That is so beautiful. Love the walnut! I just realized in the last picture that my plant stand bench is in the picture. I found you through a linky party on Miss Mustard Seed. I believe you came into the shop this summer! So glad you found a good home for it. P.S. Love your blog!

Pam said...

Beautiful job. My sis in law is looking for one of these now to give to my brother. He would love it.Nice job.

Kim said...

That turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for the link to the inspiration post too, very helpful!

Heidi said...

I never heard of this gel stain!! Sounds awesome!! This looks amazing!!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks for the intro to this gel stain. You did a beautiful job on this piece.


wisp said...

I love it so much! I have always been partial to the dark side that way. ;)

Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell said...

You had a card catalogue before they were even cool! It looks great now. I keep my eye out for them, but haven't managed to find one yet!

AliceLovesBrocante said...

I love it!!!Hugs Ala

Unknown said...

love your card catalog redo it looks beautiful in your office!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

You've done a great job. I love it. Megan

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

What a beautiful piece! I love the new darker shade, and I will have to look for that stain. And what a useful card catalog for a home office, as well as so pretty with your lovely vignette atop it.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

ohhh Korrie!! your card catalog is beautiful. I love the dark color AND the character!

wishing you all the best, always!

Cassie Bustamante said...

i saw this on your guest post and just loved it!!! it's amazing!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Some things just make me sigh when I look at them, and your card catalog is one of them! It's just gorgeous, and I agree with you on the stain. I think the variations make it look cool and older.

jackie jade said...

Wow turned out so so gorgeous! Now I am really kicking myself for not buying the card catalog I recently saw at Goodwill... Great work!!

Unknown said...

Umm... jealous!! I love your card catalog and I love how you refinished it even more!!

Unknown said...

Stunning furniture and home interior design. Love visiting your blog.

unique abstract art design

Anonymous said...

I love your work! I am an artist and designer in San Francisco doing similar work. It's so nice to know that there are others out there that share my passion!

Unknown said...

Love the new finish on your card catalog!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you a Blessed and Happy New Year.

Miss Charming said...

Love the finish on this. It turned out so beautiful! (Your office really looks great, Korrie!)

Letitia said...

Oh my goodness, I love how yours turned out! It is exactly how I wanted mine to look originally, but mine didn't come with the legs and I had a hard time finding some that would support such a heavy piece. I just guest posted about it today at My Repurposed Life.

So glad I found your site - I will be following it :)

Carole said...

I've always hoped to secure a card catalog (childhood memories of spending many an hour thumbing through them). What a score. And it looks fabulous. Lucky you! :-)

Callie said...

Hey Korrie! Your card catalogue is sooo gorgeous! I seriously have to try that gel stain sometime.

I wanted to tell you that I mentioned you on my blog! I distressed my first real piece of furniture and I used your method of Martha Stewart glaze with some minwax stain added to it. I love the results! Thanks so much for sharing all your work with us on your blog! :)

Oh right my project where I link to you is here:

I hope you don't mind I called you a bloggery friend! I really enjoy your blog :)