Sunday, October 14, 2012


Serendipity was with me one day when I visited a local thrift shop, and I came across a set of three shutters.

shutters 001

They had obviously been painted before, as I could see a little bit of yellow underneath a dirty green color.  As I was on the hunt for something to fill a little wall space in my living room, I decided to take them home with me.

Luckily I always have a little paint on hand  ;-)

I used some sample pots of some other greens to give them a little more color.  (Yes I know it’s hard to tell the difference, but it’s there.)

shutters 004

Then I slapped on some orange acrylic paint…

shutters 005

I used vaseline on some of the colored areas, also concentrating on the edges.  It makes the funny little patches you see in the next coat of black (and for the black I used spray paint—I am an equal-opportunity painter).

shutters 001 (2)

With your bare hands, you can simply rub the paint off wherever the vaseline was to show the colors underneath.

       vaseline chippy shutters

Next I used more vaseline, then a coating of creamy white paint—plus a few splashes of some more green and even a little gray.  I think all together I used about 7 different colors of paint on these shutters! 

shutters 015

And this, my lovelies, is the finished product.  I love how it turned out!  I adore the chippy-ness of the finish and the layers of color. 

These hang above my couch…in my living room that has been completed for months…that I have never show you…

chippy shutters

…I’m going to try to resolve that this week!

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Rachel said...

Unreal! I walk into a thrift store and see these shutters and I think.... oh cool! I like shutters...... and I move on because who knows what to do with them???

Well obviously YOU DO! Those turned out amazing! If I tried to do what you just did with 7 different colors of paint it would look like I'd eaten 7 different colors of food and threw up all of the shutters. Not artistic at all.......

Rachel said...

That would be, "all OVER" the shutters....... Not all of the shutters...... Shutters would be hard to throw up......

Unknown said...

I pass these by all of the time as well. Yours look amazing!! I wish I was that creative! ~Diane

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

WOW !! A lot of work but so worth the time and effort.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I have some floor samples of outdoor shutters, from a window/solar screen company.(my son in law gave them to me) I've been wanting to do something with them and had some ideas. I love your shutters. This has my wheels turning for sure.
thanks for sharing them. I pinned them!


srpprcrftr said...

Ah yes shutters, love them to pieces.Loving how you painted yours but you must have lots of patience. I couldn't last thru 7 coats of paint. The chippier the better.
We made a shutter shelf recently and I'm so enthralled with it. Hung it over our couch also.
A shutter was the backing for the shelf, used some decorative metal brackets I'd had for ages, cut the shelf and walla, had a great shelf in l/r.
Another thing we've done with shutters is: We used an old wood window, installed the shutters on either side of window angled out, then put a shelf on bottom of window at angle to match how the shutters were hung, great piece. Sometimes we put hardware cloth (wire) on back of window and sometimes not.
Shutters are incredible to make projects with, just depends on your imagination. Those are just two ideas. Wish I had a camera so I could send you pics of what we do with shutters.
If I see them at the thrift store I'm in heaven but it's very hard to get them now. Too many people getting into the redo thing.

Laura @ duke manor farm said...

oh wow! I never knew that vaseline could work wonders on some shutters. Love the look!

Homeroad said...

Wow Korrie they really look great! I can't wait to see how they look over the couch! Painting shutters is no easy task one time but all those coats must have been a big pain! Luckily all your hard work paid off because they are looking awesome!!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Korrie, I love the old, repainted look you gave these shutters. This is a new technique to me! LOVE IT!
Please share your great shutters and how you did the treatment at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS. Linky goes live 8:00 pm Wednesday!
These look so authentic!

Unknown said...

WOW, those look great!! You are one talented lady :)

Cynthia said...

Love the shutters and you did a great job! Love the aged look.


Ali Richardson said...

Awesome!!! WOW! I love that chippy look. I want to try the vaseline trick on a sign I'm working on. So I can just roll or brush over the vaseline and it won't get all smeary and mixed in with the paint. Or if it does, is that ok?? Thanks for your help :)

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I love the finished project! Looks really great with all the layers!

Bliss said...

Oh yeah.


Patty said...

Korrie, I love the shutters! I have some that I've been wanting to do something with, but painting them is a little intimidating to me. Tell me, pretty please, how you paint down between the slats. Mine just seem too tight to fit a brush into.

Thank you,

SImple and Serene Living said...

Love that trick with the vaseline. I saw some great old shutters the other day and was in a hurry so didn't get them. Of course they were gone when I went back. I love how yours turned out. Show us the living room already. :)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Woohoo Korrie! If I did that, it would look like a hot mess! :)

fabulous colors you used and I love the chippiness too.


Unknown said...

The shutters look great, all aged and perfectly chippy. Love the layers of colours and the Vaseline tip. I used a whole bunch of blues on a paned pine mirror ending with white and sanding. Next time I will try the Vaseline instead of sanding.

ScrappyMama said...


Sheila Zeller said...

I have been dying to come across some shutters, but so far my treasure hunting has come up empty! I love what you've done with yours... great idea with the vaseline, too!!!

Finding Home said...

Wow - they came out great! Your hard work paid off for sure! Take care, Laura

Karena said...

Korrie love these shutters and the unique way you applied the colors!

2012 Artists Series

thistlewoodfarm said...


I love all those layers! What an amazing finish! You are such a rock star!


Ricki Treleaven said...

I love old shutters, and you've done a great job aging your shutters. They look fantastic! I have a friend who sticks Christmas cards in hers.

Linking from Mod Mix Monday,
Ricki Jill

Unknown said...

Love them!!!! please join me at Welcome Home Wednesday!!! Thanks Debbie

Stephanie said...

I'm a sucker for shutters and it's rare to find three alike - love the layers of color!

Full Circle Creations said...

Somehow I missed this post. I LOVE the shutters! They turned out so wonderfully chippy! Great job!


Unknown said...

I’m impressed with the magic you’ve done painting it! :D They look timeworn, but in a charming way. ;] I’m actually quite impressed that you used those shutters unconventionally. Although I think they will look just as good serving their original purpose on a cabin or a little storage house. What do you think?

Roxie ^.^

Clouie said...

You're such so creative!!!! It never cross my mind that shutters could be so amazing as one of the highlight in our home.. great job... !! Shutters indeed was never made for windows, doors, etc., only...

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