Monday, December 26, 2011

Giani Granite Review part 2 & Winner!

In case you  missed it…my review of the Giani Granite counter top refinishing kit is here

painting kitchen counter tops countertops

As I mentioned, I was NOT enjoying the whole wait-14-days-for-the-polyurethane-to-cure aspect! 

Well, guess what…

…I didn’t have to.

I e-mailed the link to my review to the Giani representative I had been working with, and she assured me that I really COULD start using my counter tops!  Sure, it takes 14 days to fully cure, but I could start putting my small items back on.

I was so delighted…and relieved!

So although I ended up waiting about a week before I used  my counters, by last Wednesday night we were pretty much back in business, as follows:

  • Wednesday I spread a tablecloth on the peninsula, but then we used it for a pot-luck dinner for eleven friends. 
  • Thursday I baked 25 loaves of bread for neighbor gifts, and assembled about 15 bags of almond roca, pecan crunch, and white chocolate macadamia popcorn.
  • Saturday I made two pans of Potatoes Benson, Christmas Jell-o (my kids love it), Hawaiian haystacks, two pumpkin pies, one cherry pie, and one raspberry brownie torte.
  • Sunday I made bacon, eggs, Bubble bread, hot spinach-artichoke dip, ham, rolls, and spinach salad.

So I would say the counters have gotten quite the work-out in the past week!  And guess what?  No chips, no scratches! 

I’m hoping they will continue to hold up as well after they are fully cured!

So without further ado, the winner of the Giani Granite giveaway is:


Anne from Creative Southern Home, who said:


Congratulations, Anne!  I will be e-mailing you.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Congratulations to Anne!
Glad to hear your countertops are still holding up. I'm gonna look into this for my UGLY fake butcher block countertops, Lol!

bj said...

Congratulations to Anne.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I think if I'd have known about this stuff, I wouldn't have put in new countertops! Congratulations to the winner!

Patti said...

25 loaves of bread! Now I'd like to see that. (I made two loaves of rye the other day and they went in the trash.) I'd enjoy hearing more about your baking.
Thanks for the give-a-way. Even though I didn't win, I'm still tickled by this product and you testing it out for me.

eleven-o-one said...

How nice that you get to HAVE it and GIVE it at the same time. Sounds like your Christmas was just as busy as mine! (I'm still waiting for all of my holiday guests to leave...)

Anonymous said...

Have you even LEFT the kitchen in the last month??? Between doing the counter tops and all that cooking/baking, sounds like your are stuck in that room! :)
Don't know how you do it all...

KimMalk said...

I hope you are resting now that Christmas is over! Hugs and Happy New Year! ~Kim

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Congrats to lucky Anne!
Wow, that is really a workout for those counters! Glad to hear they held up beautifully. That must be some great paint!

Loribeth said...

I bet you were relieved that you could use them. I know I felt that way when I realized it turned out okay when I used my cupboards after I painted them even though they weren't fully cured. Sounds like you gave your countertops a harder workout than I gave my cupboards!

BTW, I'm starting a linky party on Monday. I'd love it if you linked something from your blog on it!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Get out of that kitchen, Korrie!
I bet everyone so appreciated your efforts and their delicious gifts, though.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. It's been fun to see all your projects this year!