Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cute skirts...with a "whoops!"

Someone posted a link to this Quick & Easy No-Hem Skirt a while back...and I knew I had to make some. I love looking at pretty fabrics, but I don't have the $60+++ to spend on a quilt! I figured this was a good way to get my "cute fabric fix" without breaking the bank!

Shopping at Hobby Lobby, I have been able to make two skirts for about $8. Can't beat that! These are the second set I have made, and I got a little creative and added the tulle ruffle at the bottom.

Here's my cute 3-year-old. She would wear skirts every day if she could!

She tells us her skirt is "dirty"--because it has cupcakes on it! Gotta love a toddler's sense of humor.

Yes, I know she's wearing shoes that don't fit. She calls them her "ballet shoes."

My 7-year-old also got a skirt. I saw a lady in the check-out line carrying this black owl fabric, and although I hadn't planned on shopping for fabric that day, my feet inexplicably led me in that direction...

Are you noticing my "whoops" yet? Well, I thought the owls were in a random, all-over type pattern.
They're not.

See it now?

Yep. The owls are all upside-down! Gah! Well, at least they're right-side up to my little girl when she sits down!

Yes, I could take it all apart and try again...but that seems to be too much work for a $4 skirt!

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wisp said...

How fun! They both look really happy with their girly skirts. :) Makes me want to wear a skirt, too. ;)

Keetha Broyles said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! I LOVE the tulle ruffle.

Also - - - the owls are right side up to the WEARER - - - good plan!

Anne Maskell said...

Very cute! The fabrics that are available these days are fabulous, aren't they?

Rachel said...

CUTE!!!! I've been wanting to make Henny Penny some skirts. She loves skirts and goodness knows I've a ton of fabric in my quilting stash I've not used........ And the no hem! BINGO! I'm all over it!

Angie - Big Bears Wife said...

Adorable! love the owls.. even if they are upside down

My Petticoat is Showing said...

I absolutely love your attitude and your precious owl skirt. I have come to the conclusion as a "newbie" sewer, my oops just make it homemade and heartfelt.

Chrissy said...

What a great idea to add the tulle to the bottom! I know my little girls would love that addition. Thanks for sharing the skirts and I'm glad the tutorial worked out for you. :)