Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas Home

Oh, my poor neglected blog.

I have been absolutely swamped the past couple of weeks! You see, I have two December birthdays at my house, in addition to Christmas, so it's just party-party-party all the time! No time to blog! But tonight...with the second birthday celebration behind me by an hour or so (whew!) I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little bit of Christmas at my house.

Remember the window that now hangs in my kitchen? It got dressed up with the advent calendar I made several years ago, along with some pinecone garland and some snowflakes cut out of metal flashing! Here's what it looked like at the beginning of the month (wasn't that yesterday?)...

And here's today (actually I think it's yesterday).

Santa's holding a little tree that gets a new ornament every day until Christmas. With six kids, they each get to pick an ornament four times. It's filling up...frighteningly fast!

Next up is my snowman shelf. This hangs right inside my front door, and usually it can hold a coat or two for guests. In December...the hooks hold mine and my husband's Christmas stockings! (These ones I didn't make; they were given to us on our first Christmas.) Everything snowman-themed rests on this shelf. There's a plate my mother painted, some boxes, an various figurines.

My "rouge's gallery" wall gets a few wreaths for the season. I found that sewing pins hold them up beautifully, and they leave holes too small to be noticed the rest of the year. I love having my little entry table under the pictures...which explains why it mysteriously never sold during the summer....

I love to dress up my triple cabinets in my front room. My husband and I have begun collecting various reindeer figures, and this is their domain.

The two silvery ones on the rights were our first. They look like old metal, but they're not! I love the pair of them. They sit close to a hurricane I brought home from my Mom's house. The bonus with helping her decorate is that lots of times I get to take decorations off of her hands! This one is filled with red berry sprigs, large jingle bells, and pine cones.

The red glittery star was a post-Christmas purchase last year. Have I mentioned (lately) that I love all things glittery??

My (current) favorite reindeer sits behind a glittery "Merry Christmas" (also a post-holiday bargain). I picked him up after Christmas at Pier 1. He's brown, and wood, and filigree-d. I'm sure they have another wonderful reindeer waiting for me there...but I am staying away until next week!

My sheet music wreath has never moved from it's original spot. It grew on me there. It gets dressed up with a German-glass-glitter "Noel" banner. The letters are just hot-glued to twine, and the twine is tucked in between the cones (nothing permanent).

I love the whole look. Each shelf gets a little dressing as well--a glass pine tree here, a quartet of penguins there. Maybe even a red cardinal or two.

Next up...a true "family" tree!

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Renee said...

Very pretty - especially that snowman shelf!

Jules said...

I absolutely love the idea of collecting reindeer! Such a lovely post, thank you! jules