Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The lure of ORB

You don't have to hang around decorating blogs very long before you come across references to ORB: oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. It receives much laud and admiration--so I had to try it out myself! This was my first experiment (I used Krylon brand).

Here are two lamps I found for $6 each at a now-defunct thrift store!

Gotta love all that brassy goodness.

I used the spray paint on the bases, harps, and finials. I covered the sockets with Saran wrap and painter's tape.

Oooh, it totally lived up to my expectations!

I gave serious thought to keeping these for my bedroom, but in the end I went with glass lamps. These, however, helped to pay for the glass lamps!

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Rachel said...

I likey likey likey!

Melissa said...

The transformation is amazing!

Unknown said...

Hi Korrie!

Yes, we love the power of the ORB! The lamps look great and you have to love the fact that they helped you buy the ones you wanted for your home. Isn't that fun?

I love your comment about the light saber. I guess we have to give in, even if it's just a bit.

Have a great day! I love having you as a follower. From one Cori to another Korrie : ).

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B. said...

I would have never guessed they would look so great!!

Ashlee Marie said...

LOVELY! I keep looking at DI for good lamps to repaint and makeover, but I never seem to find pretty stuff! Thanks for linking up to another Topsy Turvy Tuesday!

ArtfullyJune said...

How nice to get two matching lamps at such a great price.