Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Deep Dark Secret...Room


Please VOTE for this room to receive an Epic Room Makeover!

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When people walk in to my home, the first thing they see is my beautiful suitcase wall.

vintage suitcase shelves shelf

Next they might notice our lovely built-in desk, against a wall of maps:

desk 028

Or they might notice the antique buffet in the next room, perhaps all decked out for fall:

beadboard pennant

“Oh, you’re so clever!”  they might say.

Or maybe, “What fun!  Your house is so pretty!”

Or sometimes even, “I wish you would come decorate my house!”

I smile modestly and thank them, shuffle my feet and look away…

…because I know the deep dark secret that lingers in my basement…

We call it THE FAMILY ROOM!!

dun-dun-DUNNH!! (cue creepy music)

frenchcountrytable 015

Yes, this is the place where Legos go to die…

frenchcountrytable 016

Where the PLAID COUCHES hide in shame…

Seriously, what was I thinking?? Plaid couches?  If anyone succeeds in building a time machine, please go back in time 10 years, find me at R.C. Willey, and SLAP ME!!

frenchcountrytable 017

Where $16 roller blinds sort-of cover the windows, and they only went up this summer after 9 years of living in the house so company could have some privacy…

The IKEA bookshelf is the same color as the brown recliner (naturally my husband’s favorite chair).  Sometimes I kid myself into thinking “it’s camouflaged!” in hopes that it will magically disappear from sight and I won’t have to look at it anymore…

frenchcountrytable 018

Pictures rest against the wall because let’s face it…what’s the point of trying to dress up these ugly walls?  I think they’re the color of anemic cornbread.  Or maybe two-week-old tapioca pudding.  Or maybe egg-salad-that-has-been-left-on-the-kitchen-counter-for-three days.  (I think I still have a gallon of paint left over if anyone’s interested…anyone?  anyone??  Bueller?)

frenchcountrytable 019

The big wicker box next to the TV holds the dress-up clothes, but it seems to spontaneously regurgitate them on a daily basis (see the blue satin cape??)

And oh, look!  More IKEA-brown furniture!


So there you have it.  My dirty little secret.  I have spent time/effort/money on MOST of the rest of the house, but the family room keeps getting lost in the shuffle.  Honestly?  I hardly ever go down there; it depresses me that much.

What to do….what to do…

Oh, I KNOW!!

Wouldn’t this room be perfect for a Mandi-licious makeover??

Wherein can ye doubt?

With Mandi’s help, I **know** this room could be fabulous.  It  just needs color!  And style!!  And…dare I say…funk!!

Mandi dear, if you’re reading this, here’s a note for you! 

I have a brand-new workshop full of tools (trust me, they’re there…I just haven’t blogged about them yet) that we could use to create all sorts of fun stuff!  I have a garage full of yet-to-be-started projects that might be just what this room needs…and if not, well, there’s a great DI and a Savers just miles down the road!  I have a house full of built-in minions ready to be at your beck and call (all I ask is that I get to be the chief minion).

And I’m not above bribery, Mandi!  Making over a room is hungry work!  And guess what…I can COOK!  No, really!  I am very good at it!  I make the best bread and cinnamon rolls.  Cheesecake?  I can do it!  Pie?  Piece of cake!  (Oh, just pretend that made sense.)  And if I can’t, I have a sister who can do everything else, and I can bribe her, too.

If you come to my house, I just might let you take home something from my garage stash! Just think of it!  My junk could be YOUR treasure!  Or I could paint you a sign of your very own.  How do you feel about beadboard??  Or old cupboard doors?  Oh well, just re-gift it at your next white elephant party!  But I don’t want to know about it.

Come play with me, Mandi…you know you want to….

(insert Jedi hand-wave here)


Anonymous said...

Haha I love your deep dark secret room!! Every household with children needs one of these believe me. I have one with a black leather second hand lounge with cat claws in it. I paid $200 on ebay and it's perfect with a 6 and 7 year old! No way on earth was I going to fork out thousands of dollars for a brand new lounge suite. Just last night I rescued a whole lot of Barbie shoes from underneath it. :)

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Cute post! LOL! I think we all have those secret room/spaces we want to keep hidden! I have a few myself! ...and it helps to know I'm not alone! LOL!

Miss Thang said...

You have been awarded by me with the Liebster Blog Award... go to the link to get recognized..

Kim said...

LOL! I loved this post. Even though I have complete faith that you could make that into a fantastic room all on your own, I know that we all deserve a little pampering and having someone could do it for you would be wonderful! I so hope you win :)

Rachel said...

You are sooo funny. I'm sitting here looking at your family room thinking, "What's wrong with it? IT'S CLEAN"! Yeah, a toy or cloak here or there but, IT'S CLEAN!!

My family room really IS a 'dirty' little secret....... My whole house actually right now......

Good luck!!!

Linda Welcome said...

I voted. Now i'm wondering how often I'm supposed to do this.

Anonymous said...

Korrie, you are soooo funny girl!
I hope she picks you--I'm sending good thoughts and vibes your way for it!

ImSoVintage said...

Looks like a well loved room for a family to me. I would be deeply concerned if every room in your house was perfect. Where would the children be playing?


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

There's always that one room. But you know, your worst room is still better than some people's best room. I have DEFINITELY seen worse! But I hope you get your makeover, just so you'll want to go down there. :)

Whimsey Creations said...

OMG you had me rolling on the floor!But my dear you are so trendy - neutral neutral neutral - that's all I see on the decorating shows! LOL Bleeech! I'll go and vote now. And while she's at it you could both come to my house - it isn't brown but sure needs a makeover! LOLOLOL

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I just voted for your room to have a makeover. Good Luck to you. I hope you win! Have a wonderful week!