Saturday, October 16, 2010

I remember when....

There was this little brown three-legged table that used to sit in our living room when I was growing up. It disappeared...oh, about 25-30 years ago?? I had no idea what happened to it, until my sister happened to mention that she had a little round three-legged table that she wanted painted red to be a nightstand in her guest room. Yep, it's the very same table. Not quite an antique, but getting there!

My sister kindly provided me with a quart of paint. The label said is was some kind of "chili" color.

What do you think?? Have you EVER seen this color of chili EVER IN YOUR LIFE??

OK, so maybe it's hard to see. Let's just say that the color was something like Pepto-Bismol mixed with grape juice. I kept painting...and painting...and painting...hoping it would improve with more coats.

It didn't!

Finally I screwed up my courage to call my sister: "Have you ever actually used this paint on anything?"

"," she replied. "Is it awful??"

"Yes!! Truly, utterly, unbearably horrible! Please, allow me to choose a new color of red for you!"

She agreed. (Thank heavens.)

I used the same red that I used on this chest of drawers. I will say that I am NOT a fan of Glidden seriously took at least six coats of paint to cover. Then I applied a little black glaze, and now...

It matches perfectly!

It's fun to see a piece from home get a new life.
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Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

Beautiful! Mch better than the chilli color! lol

oops! said...

It is so much better now! I got your note! Made my Day! I am sorry I missed you, I would have loved to meet you! The Boutique was fun and in 7 hrs. I sold all but 1 little nightstand! I didn't have the greatest pieces available either, because I had sold a lot before I got there! I had tried to save a few really nice things, and then I thought - what am I doing, either way, I am selling it!!! I Love everthing you do, and I can tell you have the crazy gene, like me! We Love doing this!!!

Rachel said...

You're right. Pepto-bismol isn't a good color on much of anything!

You did good with your executive decision.

Red just takes a gazillion applications. I don't know why..... but it does!

Chrissie said...

Great job! Sooo much better after!

The DIY Show Off said...

I can never get red right! Love how it turned out and I love that little table! Great job! Thanks so much for linking your transformation to the DIY Project Parade! :)


Joselyn said...

It turned out so great! Gorgeous shade of red. Nice job! Thanks for visiting.